Simply the most intelligent Terminal emulator in the world

  • KISS terminal emulator
  • TadLink automatically configures the function keys from the host allowing applications (even vi) to behave exactly as they should.
  • KISS switch to clean, full screen mode (no unnecessary Window's borders to clutter your application).
  • Built-in FTP uses the telnet login and passwords for quick file transfers.
  • Multiple sessions are clearly numbered (with fun icons ).
  • Remote control of other sessions (with password security).
  • Setup & scripting is maintained in a single KISS text file.
  • Other features include:
  • Each host added generates a quick auto-login option.
  • Logins through multiple hosts can be simply scripted.
  • Scripting for batch automation or multi-user simulations.
  • Support for TCP/IP, NVT (TELAPI), and serial (or dialup) communications
  • Simple Configuration utility for colours, banners, remote control passwords etc.
  • A single hash-commented configuration file (large site management is trivialised).
  • Automated multiple icon creation for multiple PC installation.
  • Adjustable font sizing for any window size.
  • Key and/or Screen capture to file.
  • Port, pass-through and screen dump printing.
Platforms Supported
  • Windows 95, 98
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP
Related Products
  • TadSecure (Secure Terminal Emulator)
  • 32 bit TadFTP FTP client
  • TadLink Launchpad : allows multiple mappings of ALT-1 ALT-2 etc to the various host connections
  • TadTop : shows top WAN bandwidth consumption per TadLink/TadSecure connection

TadLink is free for home and non-commercial use and contains no time-restrictions, crippleware or annoyware but has a registration option in the setup screen.
Commercial users may test TadLink for 30 days before registering.

Download TadLink for Windows (98/NT/2000/XP, 977K)
Download TadLink Launchpad for Windows (98/NT/2000/XP, 356K)

Download Tadprint for Windows (98/NT/2000/XP, 232K)

TadLink can be modified to suit the users' requirements.